Employee Story: Marco Gubiani, Rollstamp Manufacturing
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Marco's Addiction to Fitness

Being overweight and feeling run-down is something many people these days can relate to. Sometimes to turn things around you just need is a little motivation. For Marco Gubiani, this motivation came in the form of a trainer on site at Rollstamp Manufacturing, where he works as supervisor.

The trainer provided regular weigh-ins for the employees, as well as a diet plan and a gym right in the facility. “That kicked me off and ever since then I’ve been addicted to it. I can’t go without it,” he says. Marco lost 20-25 pounds in 2004/2005 and has maintained this weight ever since.

His activity level consists of running 30 miles a week, biking, and walking at work. He also plays hockey once a week and enjoys skiing in the winter months. Marco emphasizes various employee outings as a fun way to stay in shape. In the past they have rented a school gym to play basketball or have gone biking together.

Marco describes his workouts as a way to de-stress, “It gets your mind off the everyday stuff. If I miss a run during the week I feel off. It’s addictive, and it’s nice to be outside.”

His eating habits have also changed since he began his health kick 7-8 years ago. “I eat more frequently during the day, but smaller quantities,” he explains. “I used to bring junk food snacks, but now it’s more fruit and healthy snacks. I love cookies and that will never change, but I don’t eat them every day.”

Marco’s family is lucky to have him as inspiration for their own fitness goals. His wife took up running once she saw his fantastic results, and his two daughters, ages 18 and 20, stay fit through running, dance and yoga. “They understand it’s important to do that stuff.”

Living a long life is the incentive that drives Marco to keep moving every day. “I see my parents and their health issues. I don’t want a pharmacy on my kitchen table when I get older.”

He recommends setting a realistic goal when you are first getting into it. “Take baby steps” he says. “Every time you hit that goal keep going further, that’s how I do it.”

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