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Let's face it, after a long day working on your feet there is nothing better than a nice, relaxing foot massage. Here's how to do it

Not only does a food massage feet great it also makes your feet healthier. It is a great preventative strategy to exercise muscles and encourage blood flow, which will help to prevent injuries in the future. Learn how to massage your own feet for a relaxing unwind to your day. Once you master it, you can even teach someone to do it for you!


Before any foot massage, relax your foot muscles by warming them up. You can do this with a heating pad or by soaking them in warm water and Epsom salts (for about 15 minutes).


Begin the massage by propping one foot up on the other leg’s knee and turning the sole of your foot in towards you. Spread moisturizing cream on the sole of your foot or your hands and use your thumbs to massage the soles in a deep, circular motion. Start at the area just behind your toes and work backwards to your heels. Focus your efforts on one small area at a time. Once you’ve covered the entire sole, turn your foot over and massage the top, still using your thumbs.


Now it’s time for your toes. Give each toe a slow, gentle tug. Massage it by twisting its sides, working from the base of the toe outward; then wiggle it back and forth.


If you would like a more intense massage that will further increase circulation, try these tricks:

  • Pinch along the outside edges of your foot
  • Gently pound the sole with a relaxed fist; follow this with a stroking motion along the length of the sole
  • Use both hands to twist the foot in opposite directions, wringing it like a sponge
  • If one spot on your foot is tight and achy, instead of massaging it, just press down hard on the spot with your thumbs, hold for several seconds, then release
  • You may also want to try a cream or rub that contains menthol during your foot massage for a refreshing touch


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