T.E.A.M. Systems Fitness Challenge 2015
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Crunching for Bragging Rights

Crunches, sit and reach, planks, push-ups, and wall-sits. Those five exercises have been at the heart of many conversations around T.E.A.M. Systems for the past six weeks.

Fourteen teams were tested on the above exercises in hopes to become the 2015 T.E.A.M. Systems Fitness Challenge Champions and gain the ultimate bragging rights. Each week the teams would send a team representative to compete in the scheduled exercise. They would gain points for their teams if their results were in a set range based on national standards established for their age group.  Then all of the top competitors for each exercise face-offed in a championship round. The person who went the most over their set range was awarded the title for the exercise and extra points for their team.

The team that had the most points at the end of the six weeks was awarded the title. That team was All Star Fitness. The members were Captain Dao Baccam, James Alexander, Omar Shaw, and Calvin Brown.

The challenge attracted employees of all age groups as Alexander states, “The experience was exciting. I was motivated by the challenge of pushing myself to be the best that I could be at age 50.”

Participants could also gain bonus points if their team walked the most over the course of each week. It really motivated the teams to become more active outside of work.

Baccam, Captain of All Star Fitness, explains “It was a fun challenge for me. I felt obligated to go to the ‘Y’ (local gym) everyday instead of some days when I didn’t feel like going.”

Even though the challenge has come to an end for this year, T.E.A.M. Systems’ employees are already looking forward to next year’s competition.

“The challenge really brought employees together and excited about fitness. Needless to say, they are already looking to the break records that have been set, especially Po Inthaya’s 7.30 minute plank!” Said T.E.A.M. Systems Wellness Coordinator, Lauren Cool.

All in all fitness is what one makes of it! It may be a challenge sometimes, but there are always ways to make it fun!

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