Habits for A Healthy Lifestyle
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The lifestyle choices we make have a large impact on our overall health. Creating healthy habits is the first step to a healthier you. Pick a habit and try to implement it into your routine today.

1. Avoid making excuses

"I don't have time" is the adult version of " The dog ate my homework". Avoid making excuses for why you shouldn't put your health first. Find value in the reasons you should exercise, eat better,  take care of yourself; and actively find time in your schedule to do so.

2. Eat well

Countless studies and research have shown the benefits of eating a healthy diet. It is important to understand the impact food has on overall health. Try to start making smart decisions when it comes to your food choices.

3. Get your rest

Getting a good sleep (7-9 hours) is equally as important as what you eat. Sleep keeps your body systems in rhythm, and provides you the energy needed to get through your day.  

4. Prioritize Exercise

A sedentary lifestyle is linked to obesity and other health problems. Find ways to incorporate activity into your day. It can be a simple as taking the stairs or could be something more active like going for a bike ride or walk.

5. Track your progress

For some, keeping tabs on health progress is about as exciting as watching paint dry.  However, once you get into the routine you will become a believer in the power of tracking your progress. Whether tracking activity, food choices or weight loss; tracking progress can motivate you to keep working towards your goals.

6. Keep things in perspective

Fail to meet your goals yesterday, or today?  Move on. Tomorrow is another day to make smarter decisions. When you wake up, dedicate yourself to your health goals without beating yourself about whatever mistakes you made in the past.  After all, you can’t change what you did yesterday - all you can control is right now.  Don't let past mistakes hold you back.

7. Have fun

Making healthy a priority can be fun, it’s all about variety. Experiment and try new things; try a new healthy recipe, play a sport with friends, or try a new activity - mix it up to keep yourself interested and to stay engaged.

8. Be realistic

It is not realistic to go from couch potato to Iron Man racing [at least not quickly!]. Make health and wellness part of your everyday life rather than trying to add another thing onto your to-do list.

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