Magna's Guide to Mindfulness
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Practicing mindfulness is beneficial to the mind, body and soul but how exactly do we do it?

In the fast-paced world we live in, it can be quite difficult to spend time with yourself and disconnect from the world around us. Even when we do have time to pay attention to our own thoughts and emotions, we can easily become distracted by our surroundings and feelings. Below are some suggestions to help you disconnect from the outside world so that you can spend some quality time with yourself!

Location, Location

Find a space that you can have to yourself that limits distractions and noise. A quiet room or an empty park are great spaces to use to practice mindfulness.

Sitting Comfortably

Being comfortable on the outside is key to helping you focus on what is happening on the inside. Roll-out your favourite towel or mat onto the ground, and wear something you’re comfortable in to ensure that you don’t become preoccupied by a confining garment! Loose, airy clothing often allows us to feel more relaxed.

Focus on Breathing

Close your eyes and focus on taking normal, even breaths. If you find it difficult to keep your mind on your breathing, you can focus on a “mantra” or one word that you can repeat in your head, or softly allowed as you exhale. If you still find that your mind is racing, allow your thoughts to come and go while always returning your focus onto your breathing or mantra.

Body awareness

Take your time noticing each part of your body starting from the top of your head, working your way to your toes. Allow yourself to passively reflect on the sensations you feel as you make yourself aware of the different parts of your body.

Sensory Awareness

Extend your awareness to your five senses. Become aware of what you feel, hear, see/ think, taste and touch or sense. Remember to experience these senses and return your focus back to your mantra or breathing.

Accept Your Feelings

Are you at peace with your thoughts? Do feelings of joy, anger or sadness keep creeping in? Try not to fight your feelings and emotions, but rather allow yourself to accept your feelings and let them pass.

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