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Using the proper garden tool for any job is a key consideration when gardening to help prevent injury and keep your gardening experience a positive one!


Consider the Following Tools:

  • Long-handled tools (or extendable handles) give more leverage in the garden, so we use less energy when digging. They also provide more reach than a standard short-handled tool to help get those hard-to-reach areas in the garden. However, when choosing the proper tool for the job, consider your body height and the size of your hands. For taller people with big hands, you may want to choose a long-handled tool with thick grips, while someone who is shorter with smaller hands may want to choose a short-handled tool with thinner grips.
  • Thicker handles with a cushion or rubber padding may make the work easier on our hands.
  • Rubber stoppers on sheers and pruners help reduce the force and absorb the shock taken through your forearms.
  • Consider using knee pads or a kneeling seat as these offer cushioning for the knees and can also make it easier to get up from the kneeling position. 


Consider the Following Tips:

  • If kneeling, bending, or crouching is not an option due to low-back pain or lower-body limitations, standing gardens are a great alternative! These can be as simple as window-sill planters or potted flower gardens or as extravagant as a bench or table-style garden. You can even consider building a potting bench station to help you prepare plants at a comfortable waist-height before transferring them to a lower-level garden.
  • Keep tools sharp to make your work easier.
  • Ensure you care for the tools and clean them when the day is done to keep them functioning properly.
  • Read the instructions before handling a tool to ensure you are using it appropriately. For example, a trowel is best held like a child holding a crayon in his or her fist.

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