Windsor Modules Employee Garden
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Check out what Windsor Modules is doing to keep their employees active & healthy!

Windsor Modules Employee Garden

Windsor Modules, a Magna division located in Windsor, Ontario, has created a unique way for their employees to get active, eat healthy and save money on their grocery bills.

HR Manager, Tara Meyer told Magna Wellness that the goal was to create a space where employees could gather and work together on a project in their spare time. They decided to build a community garden where employees could work as a team, planting, weeding, watering, and harvesting vegetables, while also learning more about healthy food options.

The division itself supplied the equipment and plants needed, however, the garden is the employees’ collective responsibility to maintain. Community gardens are a creative way to enhance employee relationships, build morale, and improve overall health. Not only is gardening a form of exercise, but it has the added bonus of providing employees with fresh vegetables and herbs to take home.

The Modules employee garden is located directly outside the cafeteria making it a constant reminder to employees of how simple it is to choose healthy locally grown produce.

The Modules employee garden operates on the honour system - if you need a tomato for dinner, grab one! It’s that easy. The garden is still in the early stages of harvest, but employees are excited to bring home vegetables they helped grow from start to finish. HR Manager, Tara Meyer is thrilled with the employee engagement the garden has received thus far, and hopes it will only get better! Next year Modules is hoping to expand the garden and allow employees to bring their own seeds to plant.

If you are looking for a fun and engaging way to bring your employees together and promote healthy living, consider a communal garden!

Tips to create a successful employee garden:

  1. Make sure it is big enough for the employee population
  2. Take suggestions of what employees want to grow
  3. Take proper precautions to protect your garden from rodents, etc.
  4. Keep in mind, employees need to be willing to help maintain the garden (weeding, watering).


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