Mindfulness in Practice
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Using the Sense of Touch

Mindfulness is the practice of actively choosing to pay attention to the present moment with openness, curiosity, and without judgement. It helps us control those pesky negative thoughts that constantly pass through our minds. Mindfulness has gained popularity for its impact on self-awareness and stress reduction.

One very simple way to practice mindfulness is to check in and focus on what our five senses are experiencing.

For example, mindfulness practice often trains people to focus on their breath. You can close your eyes and focus on slowly breathing in and out, being aware of how this feels in different parts of your body.

Alternatively, you can focus on the sense of touch. Try this out:

  1. Start with your hands about shoulder-width apart and clap them together firmly.
  2. Return them to their original position apart from each other.
  3. Repeat this clap three times.
  4. Close your eyes and pay attention to what you feel in your hands and fingers for 30 seconds.
    • Rub your fingertips together. How do they feel?
    • How do your palms feel?
    • Do they feel tingly?
    • Do they feel warm?
    • Scan the rest of your hands and think about how they feel.
  5. If you do this activity with someone else, try talking about what you feel in your palms and hands. If you are alone, try writing down these feelings in a journal.

There are countless ways to apply mindfulness in our everyday lives.

Need help getting started? Try a guided meditation online or through an App.Try this “Body Scan” meditation before bed to help prepare you for a good night’s sleep!

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