Holiday Stress Less List
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This list will help you feel prepared so you can enjoy every moment this holiday season!

The holiday season is meant to be a time of joy and cheer, but with the overwhelming commitments, financial pressures, and high expectations, it can often trigger feelings of stress and/or anxiety.

Magna Wellness has created a ‘Stress Less List’ to help you feel prepared so you can enjoy every moment this holiday season.


Everyone has their own traditions and favorite holiday activities. Although these activities are meant to be enjoyable, when we commit to too many, they can end up being quite overwhelming. Try creating a holiday priority list and work your way down from most important to least. Prioritizing activities and tasks help to ensure you dedicate the most time to the things that mean the most to you.

Plan ahead.

Now that you have your priority list, it is time to get planning. Get a calendar and set aside time for your holiday activities and tasks. Breaking down your priority list and dedicating time in advance to focus on each task will help you feel organized and less stressed.

Set a budget.

The holiday season is a time of giving, which often means it is also a time of spending. We all know it is extremely easy to get carried away with the holidays and overspend. Finances are a huge stressor this time of year so creating a budget can help manage stress. When creating a budget for the holidays, it is important to ensure all regular expenses are accounted for before you determine what is left for holiday items like parties, food, travel and gifts


  •        Price match where applicable – you can use phone apps which will do this for you!
  •        When shopping, bring a list and stick to it.
  •        If you struggle with sticking to your list, shop online to reduce temptations.
  •        Host a potluck instead of going out to a restaurant (check flyers to get the best deals on the food).
  •        Use technology – there are tons of phone apps that be used for, budgeting, coupons, and discounts. Take  advantage of them!

Don’t abandon your healthy habits.

We all know it is easy to overindulge in all of the delicious holiday treats. The trouble with doing this is it often results in guilt, which only adds to your stress. That said, we aren’t telling you not to enjoy some festive treats, just do so in moderation and avoid letting it become a free-for-all. Maintaining your healthy habits helps manage stress levels and keeps you feeling energized. This holiday season, make time to engage in a healthy sleep, eating, and exercise routine.

Know your limits.

It’s okay to say no once in a while. The holidays are full of family and social commitments which can be mentally and physically draining. It is important to give yourself time to recharge your body and mind so you can feel energized and happy.

Ask for help if you need it.

If you are experiencing feelings of overwhelming stress and/or anxiety, seek professional help. Talk to your doctor and reach out to your HR to find out about your extended healthcare benefits. There is no shame in asking for help.                                                                         
*If you are a Canadian Magna employee, check out the Magna Wellness website for additional resources available.

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