Barbecue Basics
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Summer is here and that means many people have started to clean off their barbecues to enjoy more grilled meals. Regardless of the type of food you choose to grill, it is important to be aware that grilling food at high temperatures (to the point where they burn!) can produce unhealthy chemicals. But this doesn’t mean you need to put your barbecue away!


Check out the tips below to enjoy healthier BBQ meals:

1. Grill on low for longer: This limits the possibility of exposing food to potentially harmful chemicals from smoke.

2. Watch the sugar: Many barbecue sauces contain lots of sugar. Check out the recipe below for a great alternative to sauce.

3. Grill colourful vegetables: This is a great way to increase your intake of veggies.

4. Clean it: Make sure the grill is clean. Once clean, try rubbing half an onion on the grill to add flavour.

5. Marinate your meat: Marinade can help by adding a layer of protection to the meat.

6. Check the temperature: Red meat should be cooked to 160F and chicken to 165F.

7. Trim away: Buy skinless meat and trim the fat off before grilling to limit fat intake.


Click on the PDF to access the Cajun Dry Rub Recipe!



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