All About Aromatherapy
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Aromatherapy or "scent therapy" uses scents from essential oils to promote health and well-being. Different scents can help improve mood, promote relaxation, reduce stress, manage pain, improve sleep, relieve headaches and so much more.

How it Works

Aromatherapy works through sense of smell and/or skin absorption.

When the scent is inhaled, receptors in the nose become stimulated, which send messages to the part of the brain that controls emotions.

Scent Therapy is Easy

Don't overestimate the strength of essential oils. They are extremely concentrated and should be used sparingly. One drop goes a long way! If you have sensitive skin or are unsure if aromatherapy is right for you, talk with your doctor to find out what oils you should use.

  • Use a diffuser to transform your room into a spa. A good rule of thumb is to use 3 - 5 drops of oil per 100 mL of water.
  • Fill a spray bottle with water and add 2 drops of oil per 100mL of water. Shake well and spritz it around the room. 
  • Add a drop or two of an essential oil into a bath to unwind.
  • Use it topically in a cream or lotion or even enhance your shampoo. Make sure you only use a drop, mix well, and enjoy.

Popular Oils:

  • Lavender – floral fragrance used for relaxation and stress reduction. Some report that it helps reduce headache pain.
  • Chamomile – slightly herbal and apple-like scent. When inhaled, helps relax the mind and body. It may also help with sleep.
  • Peppermint - a minty aroma that helps boost energy and reduce headaches.
  • Eucalyptus - a minty-pine smell that can help reduce congestion and ease muscle pain.
  • Lemon - a bold citrus smell that not only freshens the air, but also uplifts mood and increases energy.
  • Rose - a sweet floral scent that may help reduce anxiety and stress levels. Some find that rose helps reduce pain.

Other Oils:

Reduce Anger - Ylang ylang, jasmine, sweet orange

Improve Memory - rosemary, bay laurel, bergamot

Wake up - Cardamom, cinnamon, sage, spearmint

Stress Relief - Vanilla, violet, frankincense

Scent Combinations

Try creating your very own scent combination. Mix a few drops of different oils together to make an aroma that will match your needs perfectly while creating an aroma that you love. The following combinations are measured for a 100 mL diffuser.

Brainiac: 1 drop Rosemary, 2 drops peppermint, 2 drops cinnamon

Relax and Unwind: 2 drops lavender, 1 drop chamomile, 1 drop rose

Power Up: 1 drop lemon, 2 drops peppermint

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