Get Moving to Relieve Stress!
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Aerobic exercise has some stress-busting benefits.

Aerobic exercise offers incredible benefits that can improve almost every aspect of your health. Many people have reported feeling calmer just after a 20-to-30-minute bout of aerobic exercise, and even several hours later.

Here is how aerobic exercise reduces stress:

Mood Elevation
If you have ever gone for a walk or run after a stressful day, chances are that you felt better afterward. When you exercise, your body makes chemicals that have a positive impact on your mood, sleep, and energy levels. After you exercise, you’ll also feel a sense of accomplishment which will improve your mood and self-confidence.

Increases Endorphins
You may have experienced the “runners high” --that relaxing feeling after a good run. This is caused by endorphins, which are chemicals in the body that make you feel happy and calm. Any aerobic activity such as hiking, or dancing can give you this great feeling!

Calms the Mind
Regular exercise promotes chemicals in the brain that act as painkillers, and help your body feel relaxed. Since aerobic activities are generally repetitive, it allows the mind to stay focused and cool.

Getting Started:

Start out Small
If you haven’t exercised in a long time, don’t set extravagant goals for yourself. Make goals that you can easily achieve and build up from there. Doing so will give you more confidence and keep you motivated every step of the way.

Do Aerobic Activities that you Enjoy
Any activity that will get you moving will benefit you in one way or another, so make sure it’s something you enjoy. Activities like pushing a lawn mower, bike riding with a friend, or brisk walking with a neighbour will give you aerobic exercise benefits. You might not feel motivated to exercise when you first start but over time that motivation can go away if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing.
Reward Yourself
The reward comes from doing the activity itself, but it always helps to motivate yourself with an extra treat. Take a hot bath, watch an episode of your favourite show, or buy a fancy coffee to keep yourself going!

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