Try meditating today!
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Benefits include better sleep, reduced stress, lower blood pressure, and more...

This stress reduction and relaxation technique has many health benefits including:

    • Better Sleep
    • Reduced Stress
    • Lower Blood pressure
    • Increase your immune response
    • +++

There are different types of meditation that can be used to help you meditate. Some of the most common tools used during meditation include:

  • Focused Attention: attention and concentration are very important for meditation because this helps to free your mind of stress and worry.
  • Relaxed breathing: the purpose of this technique is to slow your breathing to allow your body to take in more oxygen and increase the efficiency of breathing.
  • Quiet Sitting: when beginning meditation is suggested to create a non-distracting environment, however as you get more skilled you might be able to mediate anywhere.
  • Comfortable Position: use this technique to ensure your get the most out of your meditation practice. Make time for yourself and meditate today!

As an old Zen saying goes:

“You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day, unless you’re too busy then you should sit for an hour.”

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