How to Enjoy Kale
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Try it in a smoothie!

Although promoted as a nutrition powerhouse, kale can be tough food to swallow. Just like its relatives, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and collard greens, this dark leafy green has a slightly bitter, earthy taste that some people just can’t seem to get used to.


Are you struggling to enjoy and incorporate kale into your diet? Try it is a smoothie! By blending kale up with other ingredients and strong flavours you can easily mask the strong bitter taste and start to benefit from all the nutrition it has to offer.


Here are some tips for including kale in your smoothies without tasting it:


  • Choose tender, baby leaves – they have a more mild flavour than older, larger leaves
  • Freeze it – some say it makes it less bitter; plus it lasts longer in your freezer!
  • Add sweet fruit – banana, pineapple, mango, green apple, and berries are great choices
  • Mix with a nut butter – almonds, cashews, or walnuts can add a hint of sweetness
  • Add your favourite flavour – lemon, lime, ginger, cinnamon, mint, cacao, and vanilla bean would all work well for dominating the kale taste
  • Make a mix with a milder leafy green – spinach, arugula, romaine and green leaf lettuce aren’t as strong in flavour but are also packed with nutrients
  • Try a flavoured protein powder – vanilla, strawberry or chocolate powders can add some sweetness while also providing a source of protein

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