Your Body Knows Best
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When it comes to hunger and satiety (the feeling of fullness), listen to your body; it knows best.

The feeling of fullness we experience after eating food and drinking beverages is a result of the stomach sending chemical messages to the brain, which let us know not to eat any more food. These satiety chemicals can take around 20 minutes to register in the brain.

How are you then supposed to know how much food to eat if you finish your meal in less than 20 minutes?

You won’t! Quick and mindless eating can often lead to overeating, indigestion, pain and discomfort, and eventually weight gain. When you eat, make sure to focus on consuming until you feel full but not engorged; chew slowly and pay attention to how your stomach feels. As soon as you start to feel a slight pressure in the stomach, stop eating, and wait several minutes before deciding whether you are still hungry. If you are, then go for a second helping.

By listening to our body’s natural hunger and satiety cues, we can reduce our portion sizes, chances of feeling discomfort after a meal, and even our body weight!

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