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Do-It-Yourself Tips from Murray DeSouza

Murray DeSouza, Quality Assurance Technician at Venest Industries, had struggled to maintain a healthy weight and fitness level, but over the last three years, he has managed to reduce his weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure, following a self-designed gym and bicycling program.

“My fitness regime is very basic,” Murray explains. “It starts with diet. I always bring my own ‘reasonably’ healthy lunch to work and stay away from the food truck…”

Second, Murray goes to the gym three to four times per week. “I do a quick warm up, maybe ten minutes on bike or elliptical machine. I do two muscle groups each visit. For example, chest and triceps, back and biceps, shoulders and legs. Then I do 20 to 45 minutes on either the bike or elliptical for cardio.”

Third, Murray tries to ride his bike twice per week in the spring, summer and fall. “I do one off-road/trail ride which is approximately 25-30 kilometers. Then I do road/trail ride which is about 40 kilometers. I track my cycling using a phone app called Strava.”

“My progress is slow and steady. I have lots of room to improve my diet, but prefer to keep a good balance of food that is good for me versus food I enjoy. I keep my gym regime very basic because I can fit it into my schedule easily.”

“I appreciate the emphasis that Magna puts on the general health of employees. When I read the ‘Good for You’ flyer, it is a constant gentle reminder to live healthy.”

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