Schedule Exercise First!
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Test your knowledge on the benefits of being active in the morning with a quick game of Fact or Fiction!
  • Exercising in the morning is the best way to burn belly fat!

Fiction: This is NOT true, in fact it can actually be quite harmful. Your body needs fuel to perform properly. It is recommended that you eat a light breakfast before working out, ideally 1-hour before.

Tip: Healthful snack options include: nut butter and an apple, banana, whole grain toast, or a health smoothie.

  • I can work out in the morning, even though I am a ‘night owl’.

Fact: It can be difficult at first but once you are able to integrate exercise into your morning routine it becomes a part of your life. Studies also show that the body is able to adjust and allows you to reach your peak performance level in the morning.

  • Exercising in the morning is better than exercising at night!

Fiction: There is no better way to exercise…all that matters is you get 150 minutes/week. Exercising in the morning does have great benefits but if you feel that it doesn’t work for you don’t have to do it. Tip: If you do exercise at night make sure your do not exercise too close to your bed time. You need to give your body time to calm down after exercise.

  • Morning exercise can increase productivity.

Fact: Exercise helps to start the body off with a powerful boost of energy. It helps to increase blood flow to the brain and sharpens awareness. Studies have determined that exercising can help to improve time management skills as well as mental sharpness.

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