Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips
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Good nutrition starts with smart choices in the grocery store. Cooking up healthy meals is a challenge if you don't have the right ingredients in your kitchen.

1. Plan ahead for success

  • Plan your meals for the week, and create a list to shop from. To save money, use coupons, check the weekly grocery flyers, and incorporate sale foods into your meal planning.


2. Eat before you shop

  • Don't shop hungry. When you are hungry you tend to crave simple carbohydrates to quickly raise blood sugar levels. An empty belly often results in impulse purchases that may not be the healthiest.


3. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store

  • This is where fresh foods like fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, and fish are usually located. Avoid the center aisles where junk foods lurk. This will also help you choose "real" whole foods instead of processed foods. 


4. Look at the ingredients list

  • Avoid foods that contain more than five ingredients, artificial ingredients, or ingredients you can't pronounce. If you don't know what "pyridoxine hydrochloride" is, don't put it in your body. 


5. Avoid purchasing tempting treats

  • Love chips? Have a sweet tooth for chocolate? You might think it is a good idea to buy it for the kids/grandkids, or for a little treat. If it is in the house it is more likely you will eat it. Cravings can last up to 20 minutes so if you don't buy it, it is easier to stay strong. 


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