Fluids and Digestion
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While keeping hydrated is important for our health, if you're guzzling all that water with your meals it can actually have a negative impact on your digestion.

Too much fluid during meals can interfere with digestion resulting in gas, bloating, and/or pain after meals. The general rule of thumb is to avoid drinking a large amount of fluids from about 15 minutes before you eat until at least one hour after you eat.


Tips for Drinking Water with Meals 

  1. Think small sips. This is great for cleansing the palate and maintaining hydration without flooding your digestive system with massive amounts of fluids just when it's getting down to business.


  1. Choose warm over cold. Iced drinks may be particularly problematic during meals, especially for those with existing digestive issues.


  1. Hydrate before you eat. If you frequently find yourself thirsty during and after your meals, it may help to make a habit of drinking a glass or two of pure water about 15 to 30 minutes before you eat. This can prevent the urge to drink too much while your stomach is working to digest your meal.


  1. Stay hydrated during the rest of the day. Drinking during meals can be a difficult habit to break. However, it's easier to do if you keep yourself hydrated the rest of the time. Begin your day by drinking a glass or two of pure water and then make a habit of repeating this between meals. Soon you'll be well-hydrated and won't crave large amounts of water during your meals.

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