Do You Know the Facts on Fiber?
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Dietary fiber is found in fruits, vegetables and grains. It is an important part of the diet with many health benefits. Test your knowledge and see if you know the facts on fiber.

Fact 1: Fiber helps control cravings

  • It slows the release of sugar into the bloodstream and keeps energy levels stable for hours
  • If you tend to feel hungry just a couple hours after eating, add some fiber-rich foods to your meal and feel the difference
  • Enjoy oatmeal with flax, hemp or chia seeds for breakfast to keep you going until lunch


Fact 2: Fiber is good for diabetics

  • Since fiber slows the release of sugar into the bloodstream it should be a staple item in every diabetic’s diet
  • Aim for 25 – 50 grams per day and combine with protein for the best results


Fact 3: Fiber helps to control cholesterol levels

  • Fiber traps excess cholesterol in the bowels and carries it out of the body.
  • Choose foods with 6 grams of fiber or more per serving for the best way to ensure you get enough.


Fact 4: Fiber promotes heart health

  • By controlling blood sugar levels fiber also helps keep insulin in check, which has been shown to affect blood pressure
  • Natural sources of fiber including, avocados, raspberries, parsnips, and kidney beans, are the best way to achieve your daily requirements.

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