Helpful tips for "Desk Jockeys"
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Read about some useful tips to help you get moving at the office.

Unfortunately for most, our workday is composed of sitting down and staring at a screen for multiple hours on end. If this sounds a little too familiar you could probably use some help! Read our "Top Tips" below.


1. The Stairs (are your best friend!) The most basic way to exercise on the stairs is to take them. Avoid the elevator.

  • Stair Jumps, a plyometric exercise, are great for your muscles and stamina.
  • Stair Sprints “What? Oh, don’t mind me! I’m just late for a meeting” you can say as you whiz past confused co-workers in the stairwell.


2. Faux Sitting engages your glutes while you raise yourself into a squat position above your chair (about an inch), and hold that hover squat position for as long as you can.  Feel the burn!


3. Walking Meetings are a great alternative to the standard “sit in a room” meeting with your team, and research suggests that walking improves cognitive function.


4. Travelling Email/Phone call Instead of emailing or calling a coworker walk over to their desk and ask them what you wanted. 


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