Winter Fitness Fun
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TIps for Fitting in Fitness

As the season shifts from the gold and amber colours of autumn to the snow-white, frigid North American winter, it can become difficult to find motivation to maintain a healthy weight, staying away from indulging in the comforting holiday food and finding time to fit exercise into our busy schedules!

Aim for 150 minutes of exercise per week. (That’s 20 – 30 minutes per day!)
Make sure to speak with your doctor before beginning a planned exercise program.

Tips for Fitting in Fitness
Being physically active does not necessarily mean going on a grueling jog in the freezing outdoor temperatures or joining a gym. It simply means moving more. There are many ways to stay active that can be both fun and healthy. Going on more frequent walks to visit the local Christmas markets, shopping malls or visiting the local skating rink can all be a fun way of enjoying the wonders of the winter season while staying active. Many local community centers have available lane swimming times accessible for the public, as well as group exercise training rooms and classes that can also be an alternative to being active in a warmer environment and a more social setting. Winter sport activities such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking and tobogganing are options for the more athletic enthusiasts and those looking to try something new which can be both fun and help one stay in shape during the holiday season.

Tip 1. Wake up a little earlier
An early morning stretch and warmup can get you energized before starting your day.

Tip 2. Find a workout buddy
It is always more motivating to exercise with a friend. Try going on a brisk walk with a coworker or neighbor.

Tip 3. Change into exercise clothes before leaving work
If you are already dressed and ready to workout – you will be way more ready to get started as soon as possible.

Tip 4. Schedule your fitness activities
Just like a work meeting or doctor’s appointment. If you schedule it into your day – you will make time for it!

Tip 5. Be active while you work
Get up and move for 5-10 minutes! Stretch or go for a walk during your break. Use stairs instead of elevators.

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