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Welcome to Magna Wellness Bingo — an initiative focused on self-care, positivity, and helping to make healthy habits a priority.

This challenge will take place over the next month, beginning Wednesday March 25th and ending Thursday April 30th. Magna Bingo cards will be distributed through online communication from your Health Promotion Coordinator, HR or by downloading the PDF directly from this page. Completed cards can be sent to, your Health Promotion Coordinator, or handed in directly to your HR Department by Friday May 1st.

How to Play:

  1. Get your copy of the Magna Bingo card from the options listed above.
  2. Complete the tasks on the card, aiming to complete 5 boxes in a line (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal).
  3. Indicate completion of the task by placing an “X” through the box.
  4. Each completed line will result in your name being entered into a draw to win some Magna Wellness prizes (ie: 1 complete line, your name goes into the draw 1 time; 2 complete lines, your name goes into the draw 2 times; full card, 10 times).
  5. Hand in your Magna Bingo card by scanning or taking a picture and emailing to, your Health Promotion Coordinator, or to your HR department by Friday May 1st to be entered into the draw.

Additional Notes:

  • Some tasks must be done more than once to be considered complete. These boxes are indicated by circles which must be checked off when complete. (ie: “no soda or diet soda for a week” must be completed TWO TIMES for the box N3 to be considered complete)
  • Many of the tasks are completed on an “honour system”, although certain tasks require you to either write something down or take a picture. Winners will be asked to see this information as proof of completion.
  • Please note: Any photo that you send related to the Magna Bingo challenge may be used on the Magna Wellness website, social media, Magna TVs, or be used for other means of promotion. If you do not want your photo used in the means listed above, please clearly indicate this when you send the photo. Otherwise, by sending your photo, you consent to the use of your photo.
  • Additionally, Magna Wellness Bingo is available for all to play however only Magna Canada Employee participants are eligible to win prizes. 

Questions or Comments?
Email your Health Promotion Coordinator directly or

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