Employee Story: Dan Halloran, Rollstamp Manufacturing
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Meet Dan Halloran

26.2 miles of grueling hills, winding roads and lively crowds draw thousands of runners to the Boston Marathon each year. Among them, Dan Halloran, from Rollstamp Manufacturing.

Dan has completed 2 Boston Marathons since he took up running in 2000, when his wife took an interest in completing the Run for the Cure. He decided to train alongside her and became addicted to the challenges. Since then he has completed 15 marathons, 2 half iron mans, and a number of bike races.

Training with a triathlon club out of Brampton, Dan enjoys the social aspect of meeting new people. “It’s hard to do 20-25 km alone” he says. “We chat along the way”. Dan is also motivated by keeping the weight off and the stress levels down. “I used to grind my teeth at night, but once I started exercising I stopped grinding them”.

He describes the New York Marathon has his best race – slowest time, but best one. “I was like a tourist taking pictures” he said.

Dan’s advice for anyone looking to get into running is to take it slow. “Start with a 10 minute run, 1 minute walk and build up from there.  Before you know it, you’ll hit milestones like 5 km or 10 km.” He also recommends joining a group, because to do it alone is tough. Dan’s describes his own running group as the push that gets him out of bed on Sunday mornings.

Two nights before a big race, Dan will fuel up on pasta as his main meal. The morning of the run he’ll turn to coffee and a bagel or banana about half hour before the run. As for his recovery meal after the race…”Beer!” he laughs. “We usually go to a bar after and have a beer and a meal and then go straight to bed.” 

Currently Dan is trying to maintain a fitness level, running about 5-10 km, 3-4 times a week as well as longer bike rides, ranging anywhere from 60- 100 km, on the weekends. His next bike race is a 50 km ride in taking place in Tarracotta, scheduled for August. He also has his sights on another marathon, thinking possibly of Philadelphia in the fall. 

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