Employee Story: Juan Nicolli and Pablo Alesso, Magna Seating, Argentina
The Aconcagua Climbers

Juan Nicolli and Pablo Alesso, employees at Magna Seating Argentina, took Magna to the top. Literally.

Last January, the two men joined a group of twenty climbers who scaled to the summit of Aconcagua Mountain, part of the Andes Mountain Range. At an altitude of 6,960 meters above sea level, it’s referred to as the Roof of the Americas.  It’s the highest mountain outside of the Himalayas (for comparison, Everest reaches 8,848 meters) and the tallest mountain in the western and southern hemispheres.

The group climbed to raise awareness for blood donations. They planted a banner reading “Doná Sangre, Doná Vida” (Donate Blood, Donate Life) but it wasn’t the only flag carried up the mountain. Juan and Pablo took the Magna International flag and proudly posed with the bold black ‘M’ at the summit.

“It was a personal quest, as well as to raise awareness for blood donations.”

Pablo, MPS Leader, and Juan, Production Manager, both from the Córdoba plant, began climbing in 2011. “When we took up this activity, we didn’t believe it could be possible. But when we reached the different mountain tops, our motivation grew.” Hard training, family support, their work team, and ambition drove them to top.

The challenge took twelve days total; ten days to ascend, and two days to come down. There were five intermediate camps along the way and the team was exposed to grueling conditions with the temperature dipping to minus twenty-five centigrade. “At the top we hugged and cried because we couldn’t help but express how happy we were.”

“Never give up on your dreams,” advise the mountain climbers. “Everything is possible when you have a clear objective and good team!”

“We are very proud of our people,” says Nicolás Rodriguez Dip, Gerente de Recursos Humanos, speaking on behalf of all the employees at the Córdoba plant. “This experience has been unforgettable, an achievement that will last a lifetime, an example of physical and mental effort, attitude and hard work.”

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