Employee Story: Navindra Persaud, Co-Ex-Tec (Magna Closures)
Running for the Cause

Co-Ex-Tec Maintenance Supervisor, Navindra Persaud, had been doing short cardio runs, but an invitation from a friend propelled his fitness regimen to another level. In 2009, a classmate invited Navindra to join the Acura 10 Miler event. Soon after, he did 2 half marathons, then a full marathon. He went on to do six more, including the famous NYC marathon, though his favorite was the event in Ottawa. “I also did two 30km runs and a 50km Ultra-Marathon in the Niagara Region, which was a real test of endurance and fitness under a smothering 31 degrees Centigrade.”

“To run a marathon requires intense discipline, dedication, hard core training and a good, balanced diet.”

Navindra doesn’t follow a special diet, but does consume fresh home cooked meals, lots of fruits and vegetables and sufficient water. Leading up to a race, he trains 6 days a week for 16 weeks, followed by a two-week tapering off. “I keep motivated by training all year, even when it’s cold.” And he signs up for events all year long to help push him to train. And the added benefit? “Training helps me physically and mentally in my daily activities, and helps to release stress.”

With the support of his wife and two sons, Navindra runs to support charitable causes and for his own personal enjoyment. “I set myself small achievable goals,” he says, like clocking a better time, or pushing his distance. He shares a few basic running tips for anyone just getting started:

  • Get proper running shoes and attire
  • Start small and work your way to a set goal, be it 2km, 5km, etc.
  • Create a little training program to fit your fitness level
  • Track your progress so you can see how you’re improving
  • Listen to your body
  • Drink lots of water or a sports drink that replaces lost electrolytes
  • Basic strength training is essential

Apart from running, Navindra enjoys golfing, playing cricket, and working on his organic kitchen garden. “I am also an active Canadian Blood Donor.” He hopes to motivate and inspire others in their personnel fitness goals. “You need to start small,” he says. Give it your whole-hearted effort and “eventually you can run these distances.”

What’s next for this Co-Ex-Tec employee?

“I don’t usually set goals too far out, but Boston is on my mind.”

Go Navindra!

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