Exercising in Cooler Weather
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Exercising during the fall season can make your everyday exercise routine more engaging

 When we think of the fall season, Thanksgiving, back to school, and preparation for the holidays usually comes to mind. Physical activity becomes less frequent and sometimes completely comes to a halt as we become busier with the many facets of life.  But if we were to stop and look at the various aspects of the autumn season, we can find huge benefits to remaining active in the cooler weather.

Here are three reasons why you should consider remaining or start becoming physically active the fall:


Working out in cooler weather feels better

Trying to exercise in the heat that comes along with the summer months can make you feel sluggish and uncomfortable. It’s also not uncommon for people exercising outside in the summer to develop heat exhaustion or other heat-related illnesses due to dehydration and muscle fatigue.

The crisp air puts less of a demand on the body to regulate itself which is especially beneficial to individuals who may suffer from cardiovascular problems such as elevated blood pressure and heart disease. Layering also makes it easier to dress appropriate for the elements.


Build your cardiovascular stamina

 Many aerobic activities such as biking, jogging, hiking, and walking are more tolerable during the fall because of the cooler weather. Although these activities can be done during the summer, you no longer have to contend with the intense midday sun! Aerobic exercise is good for your heart and lungs and can help to lower your stress levels, blood pressure and cholesterol. A brisk walk is also great way of exercising safely for people recovering from injury or who would like to work their way into improving their aerobic stamina.


A chance to enjoy the scenery

The beauty of fall is upon us and what a better way to take advantage of seeing its beauty than spending some time outside. When was the last time you tried yoga in a park? How many times have you explored the nooks and crannies around your own neighbourhood? There are many local parks and trails that are waiting to be explored and helps to keep your workouts feeling fun and fresh.     



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