Employee Story: Blair Nelson
Blair's Journey to Better Health

“Throughout college, I gained nearly 70 pounds and was weighing in around 245 pounds. As a 5’8” person, this was not healthy,” Blair says. 

Blair Nelson recognized that he was not his healthiest self and wanted to make a change. “Coincidentally, this started 2 years ago at the same time as my career move to Magna LexaMar in Boyne City, Michigan and is ongoing.”

He began his journey trying out various fad diets, such as low fat, low carb, calorie counting and more. Fad diets are popular diets that usually guarantee weight loss, however, typically do not follow guidelines for supporting overall good health.

Blair found that fad diets were not very sustainable over a long period of time and decided to focus on changing his lifestyle in order to improve his overall health.

This 42-year-old adjusted his dietary plan by focusing “on reducing inflammation by minimizing grains and removing genetically modified foods from his diet,” he says. Blair begins his day by exercising first thing in the morning. “I have learned that this is one of the best ways to burn excess fat and calories and it allows me to have my evenings after work for family and other activities.” Blair’s primary fitness regime includes the use of a variety of fitness apps to help him track his exercises and receive guidance for proper strength training. He also incorporates cardiovascular training at least 3 times per week.

Blair enjoys staying fit through his love of exploring the Northern Michigan outdoors, and participating in various activities including kayaking, hiking, overnight camping, fat-tire mountain biking, and snowboarding.

The World Class Manufacturing Champion “started ‘exercising’ before the age of 8 as a youth wrestler.” He states that “between then and now, I have learned one key factor in health: small changes over time aids in the creation of habits. These habits can be good or bad. They can sneak up on you, so be aware of them. Take time to do a ‘check up from the neck up,’ and evaluate those habits. It helps to have accountability partners in life to make sure you’re being honest with yourself.”

As important as exercise and nutrition have been for Blair, his support system which include his fiancée, his daughter, and his Fitbit community have been just as influential.His family and friends “were very supportive and encouraging” throughout his journey and have helped keep him motivated.

Over the years, Blair has found what works for him on his journey to a more healthful life. “As I have aged into my 40’s, my health has gotten better. I feel more in control of myself and this is an empowering feeling that most definitely translates into a better work-life balance.”
His use of advancing health technologies and his personal support system continue to keep him on the right track.

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