Thank Goodness for Garlic
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Learn more about the health benefits of G-A-R-L-I-C!

Garlic is commonly known as a natural ‘health healer.’ This powerful food tastes great and provides numerous health benefits!

GOOD FOR YOU: Research states that garlic can be used for many conditions related to the heart and the blood system. Some health applications include cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and even some cancers.

ANTI-VIRAL, ANTI-BACTERIAL, AND ANTI-FUNGUS: Moderate consumption of garlic has been effective at helping to prevent illness like the flu and a common cold, and to fight of bacterial and fungal organisms that can cause disease in humans.

RAMP UP AND RESTORE: Garlic cloves are full of minerals such a cooper, iron, selenium (caner fighting mineral), and manganese

LOADED WITH VITAMINS: Garlic cloves also contain vitamin B1 and B6 (supports metabolism), vitamin C, & vitamin A.

IMPROVED BENEFITS WHEN FRESH! When possible, use fresh garlic over dried and processed "garlic powders"

CHOLESTEROL FREE CLOVES: The majority of active ingredients in garlic come from its cloves. Garlic has no cholesterol and also helps to lower bad cholesterol in the body!

In addition, garlic is a great way to add flavor to your meals! Try a new recipe this week, we've included a couple of our favourites linked below.

Chant it with us, thank goodness for G-A-R-L-I-C!


For more information and some of our great recipes (Roasted vegetable Chickpea salad and turkey chili) that incorporate the goodness of garlic explore our website.

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